in a place where poetry is combined with kitsch
only the cry of humanity has the right to vote
the smoke going up from the gray fields of loneliness
brings images of childhood
and memories living only between
misunderstanding and doubt
here where only the words of truth are able to
save the heritage dying day after day
new philosophy based on folklore
hidden deep within all of us
arises from the decks of will to create and transform
the painter puts an invisible sun colors
on the roofs of houses dormant with ignorance
a new era awakens in the forest-dwelling solitude
the accretions of the past centuries fall off
the intact walls of pride and strength
collective memory becomes the reality
archaic songs make sense again
no one doubts the validity of mysticism anymore
yet still there are so few of us
among the kingdoms of hypocrisy
dowry of the sun as bright as the power of words
freedom that we will not be deprived of
every second is an ally of the truth
wooden trunk from which we grew up gives new juices
very slowly the world goes forth to greatness

5th of September 2002