My Belief

My belief is a forest - vast and fragrant with resin,
Flower wreaths neatly woven on the temples of girls.
My belief is the beauty of the Equinox feasting,
Universe that is endless like a fog on the meads.

And my pride - Polish tongue in a child's quiet singing,
The great deeds of Forefathers and old graveyards in sleep.
And my strength - 'tis the sunshine and the Slavic zadruga,
And my heart - 'tis the rowan that is bleeding with me.

All my life is a battle. I am rooting and growing
And I long for my Homeland that I've known from the tales.
Like this water that's leaking from one's hands with no mercy -
Thus my story will finish, thus my lifetime will pass...

And my words - so inconstant, yet so strong and eternal
Like a storm over ravines roaring there in the dark.
They will last through millennia to oppose blackened aeons,
Like this forest - so fragrant, so infinite, so vast.

2002 - 20th of September 2012