Hear me now! Silently I am tearing the welkin
And in darkness I last, in a fright, against skies!
Nameless god - he had carven streams of light in my spirit.
Other god had me banished. And I fell on my back.

Like a resin I flow into wilderness' magic,
Squandering all my powers in the moonlight up high.
'Tis my dream and my strife: moonlit rye and the whirlwinds!
And that wild wicked hatred decorating the night.

So the endless fields whisper... And I - lover of soil -
I turn into white mist - just a scent without shape.
I do not ask for more, since the morning shall triumph
And uproot my desires with the Sun's godly shade.

Here and yonder, all breathless and all faint I shall perish,
Into nothing I'll go, lightless void, cold and vast.
Hear me now! Feel the power of my profane existence!
Against skies, like a hero, selfishly I still last!

13th of July 2004

The Walk Through Kościeliska Valley

They stood above me - proudly, overhanging themselves.
I thought that into darkness they'd fall, of my spirit.
In Kościeliska valley my visions were marching
And into dust - transforming themselves - were departing.
The ghost of mighty Tatra walked through the cloudy shelves,
Drinking the blood of river and trees that were near it.

And then this stream was flowing, awaking the silence.
The mists embraced the mountain tops with white enigma.
The echoes were reflected by the sunbathed ridges.
There was no end to dancing of shadows. Like midgets
They played with rays of sunlight through laughter and violence.
The worlds were overwhelming solar thunder's stigma.

Zakopane, 7th of August 2002

* * *

I do not care
of such paltry things
as god
or the meaning of life

for me
what really counts is
what is the most important

a moment


Landscape With A Girl

Mysterious as the element of mighty whispering woods,
Sweet as remembrance of the hay that once was quickly mown,
Beautiful like the ribbon of the summer eventide,
The girl walked through the field, dressed in the gentle wind alone.

The sunset in her eyes had painted longing for the stars,
Her cheek was kissed by coldness of upcoming summer night.
The girl was walking on and on, into the wild unknown,
Where sun was setting down and hiding all its sacred might.

The crescent moon was bathing in the lake that laid nearby
And so was near the orchard full of cherry trees in bloom.
The Slavic goddess gazed into the endless starry sky
As if it was the greatest of her dreams, her only doom.

The braid that's neatly woven of her chestnut-coloured hair
Was falling on her naked breasts like magic waterfall.
She walked into the night, into the lands of the unknown.
She walked - and truly nothing else was happening at all.

19th of December 2003

Daughter of the Sun

The wheel, oh Svarog, the Lord of sunrays,
You put beneath her feet.

She is your daughter, born where the clouds are.
Make her the crown of dreams

And on her temples this crown of flowers
Put, my almighty God.

Her naked clothing, oh, Lord of Richness,
Make of aurora's gold!

Master of Heavens, don't let them steal it,
Don't let them watch her dance,

For in her dancing there is wild spirit
And Slavic forest dense!

In solar movements death bites the living,
All worlds becoming One.

Oh, mighty Svarog, my King and Master,
Enchant me too! Be done!

And like this maiden I'll die in circle,
Beaten by mists of morn.

Accept my tribute as I am dying.
My pride shan't be forlorn!

28th of April 2002

Of Oak and Rose

Thou comest in silence. Of all my revelations
Thou art the most true one, for thou lovest with silence.
In Thine eyes the light of the amber shines
And the shadows of ancient Roman Gods.

Oh, Flower, grown on the highland meadows,
Thou dost not fear the rain nor the fury of thunder!
I am as an oak, Thou - wrapped in darkness -
Art similar to the beautiful black rose.

The cloud of time is floating above us.
In the valley the wind decorates the trees with coldness.
We are lasting - the two of us - in the soft, white mist.

The worlds disappear, the stars run into the nothingness,
The hard mountain soil smells with the night already.
I fall into Thee. Thou entwinest me.

20th of September 2012

The Ritual

Into the lake my soul was thrown,
Into the haze where Sun doth dawn
With its majestic lustrous eye

Where darkened fog comes to an end
Through troubled waters I ascend
To claim the throne of endless light

Woe to the gods that cannot lead
Whilst judging humans by their deeds
The wisdom true comes out of lore

Oh, mighty forest, hear my name
And set the dying world aflame
My spirit lies upon these shores

30th of June 2012


A wooden dream. The white fog and black river.
Sadness goes 'round from one hut to another.
No sound at all. Even dogs being silent.
The speechless wind - like a willow-shaped ghost.

And then this willow, that burden that bends her,
Burden of life over indolent river.
Another god falls there into oblivion.
The universe - lurking over the fence.

Lightly and airily, heavily, grimly.
Thunder - the one of no sound and no power -
Lightens the blurred, sleepy brinks of the village.
The run. The silkness. Soft touch of the night.

And - with illusions of this feral twilight -
I hear the voices, some entangled moaning.
No, 'tis not moaning: the stars in the distance
Through rotten fence into village distill.

9th of June 2013