Landscape With A Girl

Mysterious as the element of mighty whispering woods,
Sweet as remembrance of the hay that once was quickly mown,
Beautiful like the ribbon of the summer eventide,
The girl walked through the field, dressed in the gentle wind alone.

The sunset in her eyes had painted longing for the stars,
Her cheek was kissed by coldness of upcoming summer night.
The girl was walking on and on, into the wild unknown,
Where sun was setting down and hiding all its sacred might.

The crescent moon was bathing in the lake that laid nearby
And so was near the orchard full of cherry trees in bloom.
The Slavic goddess gazed into the endless starry sky
As if it was the greatest of her dreams, her only doom.

The braid that's neatly woven of her chestnut-coloured hair
Was falling on her naked breasts like magic waterfall.
She walked into the night, into the lands of the unknown.
She walked - and truly nothing else was happening at all.

19th of December 2003